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A Sweet Surprise on Snowy Days at Harvard Gardens!

hot chocolate and donuts at harvard gardens on snow days

Winter in Boston brings a magical transformation as the city gets blanketed in a pristine layer of snow. At Harvard Gardens, we've found the perfect way to make those snowy days even more delightful – with a heartwarming offer that will surely warm your soul. Join us for an extra special treat as we present a complimentary donut and hot drink to our valued customers who choose to dine in on snowy days!

Embracing the Winter Charm

Something beautiful descends upon Boston during a snowfall. As the city turns wintery, Harvard Gardens is ready to add a touch of warmth to your snowy experience. In the heart of Beacon Hill, discover what makes this location so unique during the winter months of Boston.

Snow Days at Harvard Gardens

As the city declares a snow day, we want to be the beacon of warmth for our patrons! Harvard Gardens is excited to announce our exclusive winter promotion – a complimentary donut and hot drink for those who brave the cold. While you’re nestled in our cozy dining space, receive this small act of appreciation for choosing to dine with us on snowy days.

Enjoy Donuts and Hot Chocolate 

Our snow day special includes a delectable donut and a steaming cup of hot chocolate. This incredible duo is a match made in winter heaven, designed to lift your spirits and make your snow day exceptional! Warm your body with hot cocoa and indulge in the sweetness of your favorite flavored donut!

How to Claim Your Winter Treat

Claiming your complimentary donut and hot drink is as easy as braving the snow to reach Harvard Gardens. Simply dine with us on any officially declared snow day in Boston, and our friendly staff will ensure your winter treat is served with a smile. It's our way of turning a chilly day into a heartwarming experience for our cherished guests.

Creating Winter Memories

At Harvard Gardens, we believe in creating moments that linger in your memory. Our snow day promotion is not just about free donuts and hot drinks; it's about fostering a sense of community and warmth during the winter months. Share laughter, stories, and the joy of good food with your loved ones, all while surrounded by Boston's winter charm.

Join Us for a Winter Wonderland

Don't let the snow keep you indoors! Harvard Gardens invites you to embrace the winter wonderland outside and join us for a cozy and delightful dining experience. Our complimentary donut and hot coca await, promising to add a touch of sweetness to your snowy day. When the snowflakes fall and Boston becomes a picturesque snowy landscape, Harvard Gardens is here to make your winter days a little brighter. Join us for a free donut and hot drink, and let's celebrate the magic of winter together! Call us at (617) 523-2727 for any additional information!