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How to Order Your Burger at a Restaurant

a close up of a burger and fries on a plate

Nothing says classic American cuisine quite like a good burger. It seems like every restaurant has its own version of this American classic, but how can you make it even better? Knowing how to properly order a burger at a restaurant will ensure you get the best burger possible for your specific preferences, so let’s get started!

The Right Bun

Ask the restaurant what types of bun they have available. The boring and bland hamburger bun is a thing of the past. Pretzel buns, sourdough buns, brioche buns, and so many other options are available! Ask your server what their favorite type of bun is or inquire about what the freshest bun option is. Different buns may be recommended by the chef for different burgers depending on the types of toppings that are used.

Pick Your Toppings (or Don’t!)

Choosing the right toppings for your burger is what will make it more than just another burger. If you’re ordering a classic burger, add on as many toppings as you want! Try adding bacon, avocado, or aioli for new and exciting flavors. If you’re really daring, add an egg to create the decadent brunch burger of your dreams!

If you’re ordering a burger that already comes with recommended toppings, order it as-is. The chef has worked to find the best combination of toppings for that specific burger, so why risk messing it up? If there’s a topping listed that you’re not quite sure about, ask for it to be served on the side. This gives you the ability to try a small amount of it without ruining the rest of the burger.

Cooking Temperature

When you’re ordering your burger, you’ll be asked how you want it cooked. Burgers can be served rare, medium rare, medium well, and well-done. How you like your burger cooked is a personal preference, but don’t be afraid to try something new! If you usually order a well-done burger, you’ll be surprised how much the texture and flavor changes if you order medium rare instead. The chef uses the internal cooking temperature to ensure each burger is cooked to order.

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