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Try Our Fried Pickles to Celebrate International Pickle Day

fried pickles at harvard gardens boston ma

International Pickle Day is coming up on May 16th, 2024, and Harvard Gardens is the ultimate destination for pickle lovers! Curious about International Pickle Day? Eager to discover how Harvard Gardens celebrates this unique holiday? Keep reading for all the details!

The Significance of International Pickle Day

International Pickle Day is a tribute to everything pickled. Did you know that Americans devour over 5 million pounds of pickles annually? Among the crowd favorites is the timeless classic, the dill pickle. Fortunately, Harvard Gardens is stocked up on plenty of dill pickles to mark this special occasion!

Try Harvard Gardens Fried Pickles in Beacon Hill

At Harvard Gardens, we take our pickles seriously. That's why you need to try our famous Fried Pickles for International Pickle Day. Elevate your meal with an appetizer that celebrates the holiday!

Celebrate Pickle Day at Harvard Gardens in Boston

Are you excited about the festivities at Harvard Gardens? Mark your calendar for May 16th and indulge in our fried pickles during International Pickle Day. Gather your loved ones for a pickle-infused feast, and remember to subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest updates! Stay connected to Harvard Gardens to ensure you never miss out on the excitement!

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