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What is French Onion Soup Made Of?

french onion soup

Nothing is cozier than a bowl of warm soup on a chilly day, and French onion soup is one of the best! It’s simple, flavorful, and easy to customize with your favorite toppings, like melted cheese or croutons. In this article, we’ll talk about what French onion soup is made of and how you can make it at home!

The Stock

The stock of French Onion soup should be flavorful and well-balanced as the base of a great French onion soup. Traditionally, beef stock is used in French onion soup since it has a deeper, more intense flavor. Of course, you can use any stock or broth you prefer, including chicken or vegetable. You can use store-bought stock or make your own. The benefit of making your own stock is controlling the flavors and ingredients. Plus, it will be much fresher.  

The Onions

Caramelized onions make French onion soup a truly delicious dish. You can use any onion, or combination of onions, that you like to make the soup your own. However, the most common onions to use are sweet, red, and yellow onion, all popular types you can find in your local grocery store. 

Caramelizing your onion/s of choice will transform them from tear-inducing, crunchy bulbs to soft and sweet morsels. Plenty of butter or oil will make sure the onions brown evenly instead of burning. 

The Cheese

No French onion soup is complete without a heaping helping of melty cheese on top. As always, you can choose the cheese that you prefer, but Gruyere is the most traditional choice for topping this soup. Swiss makes an excellent alternative if you don’t have Gruyere or aren’t a fan of this particular cheese. Mozzarella melts very well for this soup, but it will have a much different flavor profile. 

The Flavors

When it comes to seasonings, deep, woodsy flavors are what to look for. Thyme and sage are delicious herbs to use in a French onion soup. Bay leaves add an additional layer of flavor, but be sure to remove them before serving. 

The Bread

Some form of bread will accompany most French onion soups. Usually, you’ll find crispy croutons atop the soup. Croutons or toasted bread can also be layered into the soup to prevent the melted cheese on top from sinking. Whether you use bread for topping or dipping, plenty of garlic and butter will give some extra flavor to each succulent bite. 

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